Forester John's tips for nature lovers

1. SIGHT: Look at images of the outdoors that move you in positive emotional way

This is the easiest one to do first. Pin up a photo you took from a camping trip or a walk in the woods. Or, search for an image on Google and save it to your computer as a wallpaer. Look at the image and place yourself there.


2. SMELL: Diffuse essential oils to infuse your space with the scent of the forest (literally)

Essential oils are literally pure nature in a bottle. The oils are extracted directly from the plant or tree and then bottled. Smelling the scent of the essential oil will bring back memories of your time in the forest. Use with a diffuser of choice, leave your stress behind and drift away to your happy place:)


3. TOUCH: Feel pieces from the forest

Bring a few pine cones, acorns, pieces of bark, or similar artifacts that you find in the forest. Put them in a small bowl or tray and occasionally feel them in your hands. This simple exercise will remind you of where you were when you picked them up (place a few drops of your essential oil on it for added effect).


4. HEARING: Incorporate sounds of nature

You could do this a couple of different ways. Buy a small tabletop fountain and listen to the delicate sounds of water trickling. Or, play sounds of nature through your computer or phone.


5. Be purposeful!

The key to connecting with nature at work, or anywhere, is being purposeful. Don’t let your busy day push away that connection. Follow these 5 tips to brighten your day at the office, or at home, when you need it the most.

What nature lover isn’t looking for more ways to infuse nature into their daily life?

If you are feeling too busy to get out of the city and away to nature you are not alone. Forester John essential oils is where nature and outdoor lovers turn to relive the peace and tranquility of the forest when they can't be there (especially when grinding out a long day at work).

What others are saying about Forester John...

"This is a wonderful product from the packaging all the way to the beautiful silver container the oil is housed. The product made my olfactory a "happy camper" sitting at my office desk. Thanks Forester John." - Jean L.

"This scent is so beautiful and rich. I feel like I'm outside in a beautiful Northern MN forest -- but I'm actually just on my couch. :-) Super relaxing." - Rachel D.

"These essential oils are so lovely and pure that only a few drops are needed in a diffuser for hours of wonderful scents. I'm always happy when I walk into a room and it feels like I'm going into a forest!" -Rose E.

"Don't spend another stressful day without being reminded of the peace and tranquility of the Forest" - Forester John

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"I recently received a gift of the BWCA pines oil from my daughter for Mother's Day. The scent is magical and took my right back to our trip we took there several years ago. Thanks so much for creating this! I am also a massage therapist and herbalist and look forward to making some body butter with this. Kudos!"  - Christine J.

Treat yourself to a break from the stress at work

Stay Connected to the Forest

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53 reviews
Very welcoming

I backpack a lot and often seek out camp spots that will have me at the edge of a forest in the morning. This scent reminds me perfectly of dewy forest mornings. ...sounds (smells??) like I should visit Sax-Sim Bog sometime!


Awesome!!! Smells just like the woods. I’m so in love, especially with the packaging!

Chloe! I am so stoked for you!! Thank you for the compliments. - Forester John

Exactly what I remember western rainforests smelling like. What a wonderful smell. Blows away every other foresty smell I’ve tried.

Thanks Bryan! I am glad you like it. Cheers! - Forester John
love love love it

Brings me right back to living in Oregon going on road trips through nature with the windows down. I can’t commend Forester John enough for being able to encapsulate the majestic outdoors into these tiny (but very potent) glass bottles. Hats off to you all you’re doing amazing work, making amazing products.
And love the outreach from John himself. I had a problem and was expecting some
service rep but John personally messaged me to iron out our issue. Everything was settled and I couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU JOHN

Clay, It is my pleasure. Thank YOU for taking the time to let others know about your experience! No services reps...just me;) If you ever have questions or concerns just let me know. Enjoy! - Forester John ↟↟↟ ↟ ↟↟
A much needed breathe of fresh air

I originally came to this website looking for a scent reminiscent of the Pacific NW where most of my naturesque memories are (Oregon, Yosemite, Washington) but when I got my order of Olympic Park and Boundary Waters EO the conifer scent is obscenely relaxing i’m needing to book a trip out there to see if it smells this good for real!
PLUS a cute personal message from John himself. A true professional will be placing many orders and referring many of my friends to this website!!! Don’t second guess any product here. I'd be hard pressed to find that one of Forester Johns products disappoint me. I’m an EXTREMELY happy customer right now as my house smells like the woods :P

Clay, I can't thank you enough for such a heart warming review. The happiness that you are feeling by filling your home with the scent of the forest is what it is all about. The Boundary Waters is truly a special place. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again:) - Forester John