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What nature lover isn’t looking for more ways to infuse nature in to their daily life?

If you are feeling too busy to get out of the city and away to the forest and nature you are not alone. Forester John essential oils is where nature and outdoor lovers turn to relive the peace and tranquility of the forest when they can't be there (especially when grinding out a long day at work).

Stay in touch with nature

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Delightfully natural

I bought an oil to recreate the feeling of the forest, and could not be happier with the authenticity of the scent! Wish we could buy every one of them—delightful!

Hi Mia. I am so happy you are enjoying an amazing forest from the Pacific Northwest. I agree. The scent of 100% undiluted oils from the forest is oh-so delightful! - Forester John
Beautifully potent

These essential oils are so lovely and pure that only a few drops are needed in a diffuser for hours of wonderful scents. I'm always happy when I walk into a room and it feels like I'm going into a forest!

Hi Rose. I love that you are feeling the forest. Cheers! - Forester John
This smells heavenly

As soon as I put the Boundary Waters oil in my diffuser, my home immediately filled with the scent of a Northern Minnesota forest. Absolutely incredible! Thank you for making such a gorgeous oil. May I plead with you to make a California cedar/redwood forest scent? That would bring me back to my childhood... :-)

Kim, I am so glad you are enjoying your BWCA scent. Thank you for your kind review. Redwoods and cedar trees? Hmmm. Now that sounds amazing! - Forester John
Smells great!

This scent is so beautiful and rich. I feel like I'm outside in a beautiful Northern MN forest -- but I'm actually just on my couch. :-) Super relaxing.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience Rachel! - Forester John

The odor wasn't very strong and did not last very long.

Hi Dan. Thank you for your review. I wonder if you have not yet found your sweet spot? For me I need to add more drops than most diffusers recommend. I hope you find the right combination that works for you! - Forester John