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1. SIGHT: Look at images from inside the forest

Frame a photo you took from a camping trip or a walk in the woods. Search for an image on Google and save it to your computer as a wallpaper. Choose an image from inside the forest, look at, smile, and place yourself there. 

2. SMELL: Diffuse woodsy essential oils to infuse your space with the scent of the forest 

Essential oils are natural liquid compounds that are extracted from a single tree or plant; usually by steam distillation. 100% pure nature in a bottle. Smelling the real scent of the forest will bring back memories of your time spent there. Use with a diffuser of choice, leave your stress behind, and drift away to your happy place. 😊

3. TOUCH: Feel pieces from the forest

Take a few pine cones, pieces of bark, rocks, or similar artifacts that you found while in the woods. Put them in a small bowl, or tray, and occasionally feel them in your hands (place a few drops of your essential oil on them for added effect).

4. HEARING: Incorporate sounds of nature

Buy a small tabletop fountain and listen to the delicate sounds of water trickling. Play sounds of nature through your computer or smartphone (Google “nature sounds”).

5. Be purposeful!

The key to connecting with nature at work, or anywhere, is being purposeful. Number one: get outside to the forest when you can. When you can’t, don’t let your busy day push away your connection to it. Follow these 5 tips to brighten your day at the office, or at home, when you need it the most.


What outdoor lover isn’t looking for more ways to stay connected to the forest?

If you are feeling too busy to get out of the city and escape to the forest you are not alone.   

Forester John essential oils is where outdoor lovers turn to be reminded of the peace and tranquility of the forest when they can't be there (especially when grinding out a long day at the office). 

You should be able to feel connected to the forest even when you are trapped indoors. That’s why founder Forester John created Forester John Essential Oils. Using your sense of smell to trigger those memories is a simple way to do this. Forester John’s Essential Oil Forest Sampler Pack contains 8 different forest blends and is a perfect way to get started.

Over 98 customers and counting are already writing 5 star reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This scent is so beautiful and rich. I feel like I'm outside in a beautiful Northern MN forest -- but I'm actually just on my couch. :-) Super relaxing." - Rachel D.

Forester John’s essential oil forest blends are the only essential oil brand blended exclusively to connect you to real forests and National Parks by matching the forest’s actual tree composition. 

Using his expertise as a forester, Forester John blends the same trees in each bottle that also grows together naturally in real forests. 

“Just knowing that I smelling the same tree scents that exist in an actual forest helps me feel closer to my happy place.” - Forester John ↟ 

Forester John oils come in a 10 ml clear glass bottle so you can see its true color.  They are sold exclusively on Forester John’s website. 

To protect the oil from UV light you get a custom aluminum carry tube to eliminate exposure to UV, keeping your essential oil fresher longer.

All blends contain 100% pure and undiluted essential oils of the same tree species that grow in each particular forest or National Park. 

To get started, try a sample pack of 8 different forest blends for only $26!

↟ Reconnect and find your happy place ↟

how forester john essential oils began

“I missed the forest. I needed a way to drift away to my happy place." Hence, Forester John Essential Oils began. ↟ぺ↟↟


"I recently received a gift of the BWCA pines oil from my daughter for Mother's Day. The scent is magical and took my right back to our trip we took there several years ago. Thanks so much for creating this! I am also a massage therapist and herbalist and look forward to making some body butter with this. Kudos!"  - Christine J.

Which forest is calling you?

To find out, give my unique forest blends a try!  You’ll love it.


This is amazing. Yes, the forest is calling!

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Stay Connected to the Forest

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