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great essential oils

I really like the scents of these essential oils! I really enjoy nature scents and pine in particular and these were exactly what I was looking for. I purchased the sampler pack and really enjoy all of the scents. I would recommend these for use in a diffuser.


My home is in California but my mind and heard are always drifting off into the woods. I was a long time YL oil user but they didn’t have enough woody options so I gave Forester John a try. I bought the sampler and Sweden in full size. No words. This stuff is MAGICAL. You can tell a lot of heart, detail, and went into making these. Is has become my November daily routine. Best ever.

Thank YOU so much for the kind review Rania! I am thrilled that you are enjoying them :) - Forester John ↟

Wonderful Forest Experience

I bought the sampler pack as a Father's Day gift for my husband. The sampler comes with so many forest scent options, each unique and enjoyable. Weve enjoyed them all! Although the vials are sample size, they've lasted a long time. The oils are concentrated so we've only ever needed to use a little bit at a time. We also really appreciated the recyclable packaging. We give this sample pack an A+!

Loved them All

Loved them All. However, my two favorites are Great Smokey Mtns and Spruce Tamarack Forest.. Thank you for making these essential oils.
I would also love to see a Rocky Mountain scent in Colorado.

I absolutely love these essential oils

I need to start this review by saying that I have tried essential oils for several years, but I've simply never liked the scents. I've tried different types, brands, made sure they were authentic (not diluted with perfumes and other junk) and I've never understood the appeal. Forester John products were recommended to me after a Forest Bathing presentation I attended, and I'm hooked on these and have already recommended them to others who will be buying them as Christmas gifts for family members. I'm still working through all of the scents from my sample pack but these oils will be a regular in my home from now on.

great aromas!

I like the woodsy aromas while I'm working at home, and I like the different forest blends.

wonderful scent <3

I knew this would be an amazing product before it even arrived at my mailbox and of course, as soon as I opened it I was gifted the foresty smells embedded in my senses from a childhood spent exploring the woods of northern Michigan. Truly an excellently crafted product. The creativity and thoughtfulness to make this unique essential oil is worth far more than its actual cost. Its a beautiful idea and smelling it makes me really happy, I use it in simmer pots. I wholeheartedly recommend this for anyone who loves the forest, and especially the very special ones lining the coast of northern michigan.

Backyard Sauna

We use this scent in our sauna. Since we live in the middle of a busy, noisy city, the scent of the treasured Boundary Waters Wilderness rising in the steam helps us feel calm and happy.

Homesick for the forest? these are clutch!

I love each of these in their own way. There's something simply special about adding a few drops to the diffuser, taking an short walk, and coming home to your own door to Narnia. Forest bathing in a bottle. My only hope is if you could create a custom blend to match your favorite coniferous forest.

I Love this Sampler

I truly love every one of these oils. I am so happy that I can transport myself to different forests whenever I want. Thank you for creating these with the exact trees that live in each forest. I am so amazed at how beautiful these are. I've used them all over, including a diffuser and on my car vent clips that also attach to fans in the house & diffuser jewelry. Next I'll add to my lotions & soaps...My whole experience here has been excellent here.


Like all of the oils here, this smells amazing and exactly like the forest. I've searched for years & these are the only oils that actually smell like the forest. Wonderful rain forest that I can take with me everywhere. Thank you, Forester John for creating these!

Transport Yourself to the Forest

All of these reviews are correct! This oil smells exactly like the forest. I finally found these authentic oils and am very happy. Breathe in these scents and you will be transported to the Forest, too. So calming and also refreshing.

Beautiful products. So thankful for them!

Great for Room Diffusers

I got them as Essential oils. Some were fruity or just a wood scent that would pair well with sandalwood or cedar.

Just What I Needed

Sometimes I want to smell the Earth, but I don't know exactly which tree smells which way, and I'm always cautious of buying an essential oil and having it not be the scent I was looking for.
Forrester John's sampler pack is affordable and you get a whole set of different Earth scents in the perfect tiny bottles, where your favorite will go and the others will stick around letting you know which one is worth buying a bigger bottle of for you. And he's super transparent about which scents are in each forrest mixture.
I ended up buying an extra set for my mom too because she needs the opportunity to discover her favorite as much as I do.
I also love the packaging! ❤️ So uniquely natural and recyclable

Love love love the Sampler Pack!

I bought 3 of these sampler packs to gift to my best friends whom also share a deep love and connection to the forest. It’s a delight to share them and witness the beauty on their face as they breathe in these individualized, sacred scents of the woods of our world.

Quite special

Searching the internet for high quality, specific tree scents, I found Forester John. I am thankful I did. His fragrance oils are top quality and his attention to eco-sensitive packaging is the best I have ever encountered. When i find something really special, on rare occasions it will exceed my highest expectations because it opens my eyes to something unanticipated. Forester Johns essential oils did that because, hunting for specific tree scents, these oils showed me that a mix of forest scents can be great and even better than single aromas. It probably just makes sense that way. Afterall if the goal is to bring the forest inddors, it should be more than one tree.

Wonderful Forest Collection!

I am absolutely thrilled with each and every scent in this sample collection. I am savoring each scent and trying them in my diffuser. Thank you for creating these! I'll be back!

Will Order Again!

Love these scents! Great customer service and very fast shipping. Would 100% recommend


What an awesome blend! I am born and raised in these woods and this blend is everything I was hoping for! Thanks


EXCEEDS my expectations! Next best thing to being in the woods.

Takes Me Back To The Woods!!

I finally have found what I’ve been looking for! A little piece of the forest in my home! These essential oils are so unique! They bring back memories of my hikes in the forests. I bought 3 sampler packs. Gifted one to my friend and she loves them! Will continue to purchase from now on! Thank you!!💚

That's awesome! I am so happy this brings you memories of your hikes! So glad your friends like them also. I love the picture you took. Thank YOU! - Forester John ↟

PNW in a bottle

The North Cascades is a great essential oil for almost any time. I use it regularly for yoga, meditation and at bedtime. It's really grounding for me. Great for stressful video conference calls. I also recommend Olympics National Park. John has a great little business with excellent customer service. Thanks.

Just what I wanted!

Husband is from New York and has been looking for a pine scent that reflects where he came from. I found this site and bought him the perfect scent from upstate New York and the Adirondacks and he’s thrilled!

Thank you so much!

Sampler Pack

I love these unique oils. Each is an sensory experience to sooth the body and soul. Try each Forrest Terrain scent and you'll find it's difficult to pick a favorite.