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Authentic scent

This essential oil is very grounding, makes me feel like I'm in my local woods, and beats the winter blues. Thank-you!

In memory....

I bought the Boundary Waters oil in memory of my husband, John, who passed aways in 2011. Twice he traveled into the Boundary Waters alone in a canoe for nearly one month each time. He left his spirit there. With this oil, I like to imagine I can spend some time with him in those sacred northern woods and lakes. I love this essence of those trees.

National Parks!

This sampler kit lets you visit our National Parks and the scents are so close it’s like being there. I live near the Great Smoky Mountains and it’s the same scent! This little kits let you experience each park!

Perfectly balanced and dreamy

I am in love with my Hoh Rainforest (Olympic Nat Park) oil. It smells like walking along the Hoh river trail after a fresh rainfall. All the fresh evergreen scents with a hint of a crispness. I had this bookmarked for so long to buy, I just wish I would’ve bought it sooner. Definitely recommend if you think about Olympic everyday like me.

forest bathing

For those of us who can't regularly get to a forest for its healing properties, this essential oil can transport you for a little while. I have not gotten a diffuser yet, I just put a drop on my finger and take big inhales whenever I need some calm. Once I get a diffuser, I know my experience will be heightened. The sustainable shipping packaging is wonderful and I know the little canister will have some other use once I am done.

I am in love with your oils. I’m on my 2nd sample pack. The subtle energies are unique for each one. I let my hand hover and choose the one my being is looking for. It fits every time. I just started using Hoh Rain Forest. Wow! I’m transported by this one. Rich. Earthy. Mossy. Inspiring. Peaceful.
Thank you for these lovely oils.

Authentic Impact

I first purchased a single formula tuned to the the Great Lakes region. But never having had the experience of those forests, I was not sure… Definitely the fragrance relieved stress and “read” as a natural forest aura. But with Forrester John sampler, I found the essence of a maritime coastal memory drawn from hiking the Mid-Atlantic pine and laurel trails. A memory that unerringly brings joy!

great product

love this company. great product. arrives quickly. environmentally friendly packaging

Unbelievably happy

I moved away from home, from Washington, and these oils literally made me teary eyed when I got them I had missed the smell of Washington so much. Thank you for doing what you do!!

The best is expensive.

I purchased 2 bottles of the Eastern Christmas Tree Scent. It is hands down the best, most realistic because it is the actual tree scent oil. 1 bottle lasted me 1 or 2 days. I have a very large house with a 20 foot tree that lost its scent. It smelled like the forest again. I could easily use 10 bottles for a Christmas 2 weeks time.

Too much post-purchase follow up

The product is great. Let the product speak for itself. Since purchase I’ve had seven or eight texts and emails asking me for feedback. I bought one thing. Honestly in the future I would be more likely to buy from a different company just so I don’t get seven follow up texts over the next month. So maybe ease up.

Hi David. So sorry this happened! I appreciate you taking to time to give 5 stars despite a negative experience. It sounds like you got hammered with texts and emails which is not good. I would be annoyed also. Two emails and one text is the max you should have received in the 21 days since your purchase. I checked and I see you were sent more than one text. There is a glitch somewhere and I am looking correct it. I see some other customers had this happen also. You are the first to mention it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Again, my apologies. - Forester John ↟

Christmas in a bottle!

This was our first Christmas with an artificial tree, and I immediately missed the fresh cut scent. I did a quick Google search and came across the Forester John site. The reviews were amazing, so I decided to give it a try. Customer service was A++ (Forester John personally responds to you via text if you have questions), and shipping was quick. I couldn't wait to try it out, and I couldn't have been happier! Didn't miss having a real tree at all. Thank you, Forester John!!!


Smells like you just hung fragrant pine boughs and put up the freshcut tree.

This was a gift for a my aunt who loves Denali and has done some photography work there. She loves it and it brings her right back to Alaska!

Christmas tree sent/oil

The smell is fantastic and made me feel warm and cozy. I thought the scent would last longer than It did, but my expectation may have been unrealistic. Definitely would recommend to others. Thank you.

Lovely Oils!!

I have ordered the Forester John sampler pack oils twice now and they are such a treat. They are high quality essential oils and smell wonderful! I definitely highly recommend these unique and fragrant oils.
My latest order was the North Cascades National Park blend and again I am very pleased with the product.

Smells like Christmas!!

Our first Christmas in an apt and need an artificial tree.My husband complained that it didn’t smell like Christmas 😟.Foster John to the rescue!! Now it smells like our past Frazier fir trees!!!

Nice Scent

The quality of the scent is great. For me it has been a little tricky to get the level of scent where I would like it for a good length of time. It is highly concentrated and I am slowly getting better at adjusting the level of scent with my atomizer. I recently ordered the 'trial pack' offer to experience some of the other scents.

Loved the scent.

This was a carefully crafted, lovely addition to our Christmas holiday. Our home smells like a Christmas tree forest.


The sample sets I got were gifts for family. Each loved them but wondered why they were so tiny. Overall, it was a good gift to give that they enjoyed the scents

The Exact scent I was hoping for: Christmas trees!

Has the scent of fresh cut Christmas trees right from the lot. Put a few drops in a diffuser near our “artificial “ tree and have that fresh cut scent all day. Was disappointed with others I tried from other companies as they smelled like pine cleaners. Very happy, would recommend to friends.

Best Way to Use.

Spray bottle? What is the ratio of water to oil? Will spraying on an artificial tree cause a future problem?

What is the #1 way to dispense Forester John oil in a home. My wife won’t let me use until I have all the facts.

The real deal

I had my family over for Xmas and they thought my tree was real because of this product. Amazing scent. I'm glad I came across this website. Great service as well.
Thanks John!

Smells like Christmas!

This was my second purchase from Forester John and it did not disappoint. I can now take the Christmas tree to my office!

Christmas tree scent

Smell very fresh. Smells like a fresh Christmas tree