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What an awesome blend! I am born and raised in these woods and this blend is everything I was hoping for! Thanks


EXCEEDS my expectations! Next best thing to being in the woods.

Takes Me Back To The Woods!!

I finally have found what I’ve been looking for! A little piece of the forest in my home! These essential oils are so unique! They bring back memories of my hikes in the forests. I bought 3 sampler packs. Gifted one to my friend and she loves them! Will continue to purchase from now on! Thank you!!💚

That's awesome! I am so happy this brings you memories of your hikes! So glad your friends like them also. I love the picture you took. Thank YOU! - Forester John ↟

PNW in a bottle

The North Cascades is a great essential oil for almost any time. I use it regularly for yoga, meditation and at bedtime. It's really grounding for me. Great for stressful video conference calls. I also recommend Olympics National Park. John has a great little business with excellent customer service. Thanks.

Just what I wanted!

Husband is from New York and has been looking for a pine scent that reflects where he came from. I found this site and bought him the perfect scent from upstate New York and the Adirondacks and he’s thrilled!

Thank you so much!

Sampler Pack

I love these unique oils. Each is an sensory experience to sooth the body and soul. Try each Forrest Terrain scent and you'll find it's difficult to pick a favorite.

Essential Oil Forest Sampler Pack

Very little if any difference can be found in the various samples. Again the same musty smell of a 100 year old basement where fuel oil was the heas source. My Wife had to get right on top of the powered mister to be able to smell anything. I have other product less expensive that are much superior.

Hi John. Thanks for sharing your experience and sending this review. I wish it would have gone better for you :( I am glad you have found a better and cheaper product! If there is anything else I can do let me know :) - Forester John ↟

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Mountain Top Conifer Forest

I am sorry but this product did nothing for me. My relatives were born in the Smoky Mountains, right in the middle of them. I have been back frequently. This product smells like and old musty basement where the heat has been by fuel oil for the last 100 years.

Hi John. Oh my! I used to live in an old house with a fuel oil heater in the basement :O. So sorry this did not work out for you. Thanks for taking the time to write the review! - Forester John ↟

Great scents!

The scents are delightful! Really take me to the woods.

Taken from my office to a spruce-fir sawmill!!

For those wanting to be immersed in the essence of mixed conifer forest these are for you!! I too used to go out in the field regularly and be greeted by the musty smell of the woods. I've since been working from home away from the forest. I ordered this sample pack to bring back those good times in nature. Using an oil diffuser I put a couple of drops inside and let her go. What happens next is a transportation straight to the woods and then sawmill!! Amazing stuff!! 20/10 recommended!!

Each oil is my favorite! I love this sampler!!!!

As a big fan (addict) of evergreen trees and their fragrances, I love the idea -- and the reality -- of these oils. The sampler is a great way to explore the different choices, but... so much for deciding: Each one I try becomes my favorite one... until I try the next one. I LOVE THEM ALL! Also, John responded very quickly to my inquiry, and the package was quickly mailed and delivered with perfectly sustainable and wonderful packaging! Thanks so much for these great oils and fantastic customer care!


Where do I start? First of all John’s customer service is a 10/10! I purchased the Hoh Rainforest as soon as I saw it. My daughter took me there last summer. It’s the most magical place. Everything was so green and so refreshingly alive. The air was so clean smelling. It’s my daughter’s most favorite place in the PNW so I bought the oil to make her a candle. I can’t wait to try it out!!


I was hoping my boyfriend would use these as a substitute for cologne since he's not a huge fan of the fake, chemically smells. He does, and he loves them, and I love how natural he smells. We also put these oils in our diffuser, and when we come back inside the house, it's as if we're walking through a forest. These are beautiful scents and well worth the purchase!

Amazing scents

It was very hard to choose just one scent from the samples because they all smelled so crisp and like you were waking up in the middle of the forest during winter. Very happy with my purchase and the oils are very natural.

I smell the forest in my house.

I smell the forest in my house from now on. For me living in the desert, it means a lot, I have always been a forest person. I am going to purchase the same set for my best friend, she will get crazy having those!!! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To sum up, if you are forest person, love the smell of pine, fir and fresh rooty gound, you need to get those oils!!!!!!!!!!!!

A rollercoaster of emotions!

First, I was shocked by the price tag. But the reviews, plus a past promotion swayed me in. It all made sense when I opened my first delivery. The smell that comes out of these lil bottles is incredible. Nature. Camping. Forest. That feeling you get when you wake up in your tent, in the middle of nowhere. If you could condense forest smell into a liquid, you would get just that. No disappointing chemical smells, weird fillers, fake "woodsy" scents = just pure bliss of God's nature. I don't know how you do it, man, but it is pure magic. First I ordered a sample kit, then a big bottle of Hoh Rain Forest ( to relive some sentimental hikes in that area, years back ) and now I am on the bedrock conifer forest. I.can' Each bottle lasts me about 3-4 months with moderate use. Yes, I understand. They cost 3x what you will pay on amazon or whatever, but nothing - and I mean it - nothing comes ANYWHERE close to FJ bottles of magic. It is worth it, and you should stop reading and just buy it. ( maybe start with a sample pack first? ).

Also, the packaging is super dope. You will understand when you get it :)

Waking up in a luxury campsite!!

I just LOVE these oils!! The Smoky Mountain blend is put into my diffuser each night and I wake up smelling the scent of my favorite thing, hiking in a National Park! A great way to start my day since I can’t be in a park daily!! Highly recommend this and the other oils!!!

This PNW girl loves this!

I've had so many fun memories vacationing to the area. Hoh Rainforest is breathtaking, this blend lives up to its name.

Alaska Verified

You can’t fake authentic fragrance. I gave this product the ULTIMATE test by giving local friends (all Alaskans) the task to simply close their eyes and tell me what came to mind when breathing in this scent. Everyone (!) responded “correctly.” Yes, this is really (white) spruce. Genuinely impressed by the commitment to capturing authentic forest fragrance. Truly amazing product.

Fresh, natural scent

We loved this essential oil. Use it in our diffuser and in our sauna. Very authentic and natural.

I'm getting younger

The Andirondacks were a haunt when I was younger. I've moved far away. I put a few drops in a warm bath and put on sounds of a babbling brook. Back I go, my head filled with rustic cabins, trout for breakfast, a little white water, and one brief but worthwhile romance. ♡

I can smell the cold.

I so love winter, and winter birding in Sax Zim Bog. This scent brings me there, far away from the strains of my urban life.


I chose this sent because it had a very woody smell. It gave my house a forestry feel. Thanks for developing these scents.
Thank you!

A slice of home for when you can’t make it outdoora

Purchased the sampler of “Which Forest is Calling You?” to experience each unique blend before I purchased bigger bottles of the ones I most enjoyed. I had a feeling I would deeply appreciate each oil blend, and was proven right! Which also made it difficult to choose my favorites! Aha. All of these blends are so woodsy, but then somehow have fruity undertones, which I love, and make for a pleasant sensory experience! You’re definitely going to want to just sit by your aromatherapy diffuser and breathe deeply, if you’re like me that is! The oils came is all eco-friendly packaging and very quickly!! Also, the thank you email was such a welcome moment of light to read even before receiving the oils!

To briefly summarize, you’ll want to buy them and spend a moment to relax! And hopefully go back for more, and maybe do something for the Earth we all inhabit as thanks!


Earthy Soul

This brilliant sample pack will have you wanting more. I'm an Herbalist, and these oils are worth every cent.