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Wonderful Product!

Your essential oils are the highest quality scents that brings the forest to you. I close my eyes and I am back in the forest enjoying the sights, sounds and of course 'smell' thanks to your product. I intend to purchase all blends of each Park and Forest. I hope you look to expand the line to other forests and National Parks.

Thanks for the review Paul! I am very happy these bring you back to the forest! I have so many ideas of other forests and National Parks to blend. It is a challenge to find a reputable distiller who makes the pure oils of different tree species I would need. As I find them there will be more blends ;) - Forester John ↟

Office coworkers all stop in my office

When I first started working in the office, all my coworkers stopped by to smell the great outdoors and everyone wanted to know what smelled so good! Had a chance to tell them about the oils and the research that shows ( from the book THE NATURE FIX) that the smell of certain trees helped lower blood pressure and increase killer T cells…. That’s a win in my book! Plus, I feel like I’m in the forest instead of my sad little box of an office

Hi Anthony. Thank you for the nice review! I am glad these help you feel like you in the forest while in the office. The Nature Fix is a great book! - Forester John ↟

Stops cubicle blues…..

Just went from being out in the “field” working, to inside the office… this scent helps me beat the “cubicle blues”
By making me feel


We LOVE Forester John’s scents! We use them almost nightly in our humidifier and the smell of Acadia National Park fills our home each night. Hoping FJ will come out with a Tetons oil!

Hey Tillifinney! I am so happy you are loving the scents! I would love a Grand Teton blend! I have the trees and forest picked out. If I find a reputable distiller it will happen ;) Thanks for the review! - Forester John ↟


These blends are fantastic! I have been trying to locate blends that capturing distinct woodlands of this quality. The sampler pack is well worth the price. I have a few that I really love. I am going to order the Olympic National Park blend now and will get the North Cascades as soon as it becomes available.
Great work John!

Hi Paul! Thanks for the nice review. Glad you like them :) - Forester John ↟

Forest oils

Quality oils, beautiful natural scents, like driving thru national forest with sun shining on branches.

Smells great!

The oils came quick and were packaged with care.

They smell incredible, will definitely order again.


My sister first sent me these essential oils. Every night I use these in my diffuser to relax and fall asleep . The smell reminds me of hiking in nature. Love them all!

takes me camping when i can't physically go

i am in love with these oils. i got the sampler to find my favorite one to buy a big bottle of to use in my diffuser.. the only issue i have run into is the fact that i love ALL of them. ill be buying more as soon as these run out, but a little goes a long way. i honestly couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.

Sweden: Spruce-Pine Taiga Forest Essential Oil Blend
Jennifer C.i.i.o.a.h.q.n.c.a.i.j.w.I.e.
A very satisfied customer

A high-quality product, packaged simply with sustainability in mind. Excellent customer communication and service. I will purchase from this company again.

What I've been searching for a long while!

I live in the Appalachian Mountains and love hiking, and I've literally told friends "I wish I could take this forest smell and put it in my house." I never thought this was possible without using toxic, artificial smells. I kept going through different options but nothing really came close. I stumbled upon Forester John from a Reddit post, and thought it wouldn't hurt to try,

I emailed John to ask if the essential oils are pure with nothing added to them, and John replied very quickly that yes, they are pure with no additives.. I got the sample pack, and WOW! I couldn't believe I had finally found what I had been looking for in a scent! I use them on a diffuser and it fills the space with fresh forest smell, and I even added some to a DIY cologne with some Vetiver and it smells GREAT!

My favorites from the sample pack are the Sweden (even though I've never been to Sweden, ha!) and Acadia National Park. I'm looking forward to getting some full-sized ones! Thanks for making these smells a reality, Forester John!

Got this for my husband who loves the outdoors. He diffuses it daily after work to relax, I love the scent as well! 😊


I have always had a deep connection to nature, and the use of Sweden is an escape from thr concrete jungle and a jump back in time to my childhood running through the forest, exploring, discovering new and wonderful things that the forest has to offer. This is the first one I've tried and can't wait to explore the fantastic fragrance of many forests to come. On the fence to buy, Don't just buy one scent... buy the whole collection and be swept away to a much better and slower time. Relax in the woods when you can't visit them. You won't regret it!

North Forest Fix

My job moves me around a lot and this was a great way to feel like I'm home amongst the pine trees. The sampler was great as a way to figure out which oil I want to buy on the regular.

Love this!!!

The aromas created by Forester John are. fabulous. They take me right back to the forests where they were created. Lots of great memories.


Frequent traveler to the Adirondacks. This takes me back to the High Peaks region. Clean. Fresh evergreen scent. Well done.


I have spent Summers in Acadia, hiking, running. I chose this scent because I wanted to experience the great evergreen trees, forest area once again. Did not disappoint. Thank you for the great memories.

Fresh and clean scents

Wonderful scents that are fresh, clean, and just the. right blend. I can close my eyes and return to the forest in Acadia or the Smokeys. I will be ordering again.

Exactly what I was looking for!

These oils are exactly what I am looking for! They let me experience the forest again here at home. This is my second purchase from Forester John and it does not disappoint. I am a fan for life and will purchase more for sure. Thank you for offering such care in everything from the packaging, the delivery, the bottle design, and of course the scent!


I bought this for my husband, who is a fellow Bog Buddy. He's usually not too interested in essential oils, but after smelling the Sax-Zim Bog blend, he was absolutely delighted! Particularly during a Minnesota winter, it's nice to have a fresh pine scent in the air that is not an overly processed candle. I also appreciated the packaging - 100% biodegradable yet protected the product perfectly. Thanks for your work and passion!

Christmas Tree Lot

I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve been trying to find an essential oil that smells like a Christmas tree for several years- this one does not smell artificial at all!! Customer service is absolutely amazing too!!! I texted Forester John with a few questions prior to purchase and he got back to me immediately! I was very impressed! I highly recommend this company!!

Not Really What I Expected

I have 75 Christmas `s under my belt. Being from New England, and spending thousands of hours in the woods, camping, photographing and Kayaking, I know what a Balsam tree should smell like. The scent of the Balsam is unmistakable. To most of us, that small takes you back to another time, a better time. A friend in New Hampshire told me about your oils and she raved about the Christmas Tree Lot oil. I went ahead and purchased it. The little bottle arrived today. When I opened the cap and took a sniff, the smell was that of cut branches and bark but not even a hint of the sweet balsam fir I was expecting. I heated up a small amount of water in a clean diffuser and added two drops of the oil. After a short time, the smell of fresh cut branches and other scents came through. I did not find them pleasant. On many occasions I have taken the resin from the blisters of a balsam and used it for a topical balm for minor scrapes and cuts. It also makes an excellent fire starter for a tinder bundle with a wonderful smell. Like you I have collected many types of resin from may conifers in New England. I heat them in a diffuser for amazing smells.
I will say this about the oil you offer. It does smell as you say it does. If people are looking for the raw smell of cut pine
branches , bark and other parts of the tree, then this is what they will get. In that respect the oil is pure but not for me.
Ken S.

Love this scent!

I ordered Christmas Tree Lot for myself and a family member. For those of us who don't decorate a real tree, this is a game changer! Scents from other companies smell fake and I can't tolerate them, throwing them in the trash almost as quickly as I buy them. Using these essential oils brings the outdoors inside! Love this! :)

True smell of the forest

This year my Noble Fir Tree was a beautiful shape, but had absolutely no natural smell. That's half of Holiday feeling in our home. I found the Forested
John product and added it to potpourri and other items to hang on tree and around the house. It worked wonderfully. I felt like I was walking in a fresh, evergreen forest every time I entered then took where our tree stands. Guests wanted to kniw where i had purchased my wonderful smelling tree. They were surprised and pleased when I showed them my Forester John essential oil. We are all going to be looking for Fraser For trees in our area since we think drought conditions are affecting the Nobles. But, we all now know we have this natural oil we can count on. Thank you for your product.

Christmas Tree Lot

This scent really does remind me of Christmas tree lots with that slight wood scent to it. Not sweet like so many others are.