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Essential Oil Forest Sampler Pack: Forester John

"I love these oils! They take me right back to all my favorite spots in the forest when I can’t get out of the house."
- Kelcey P. , Sampler Pack customer

Not sure which forest to try first? 

Introducing the Essential Oil Forest Sampler Pack by Forester John.

Now you can experience 8 different forest blends for only $23 (plus $4 shipping).

You’ll receive 8 different fresh & woodsy scented essential oil blends, 1.75 ml each, in a clear glass bottle. Included are 3 plastic pipettes to dispense the oils as desired.

Which Forest is Calling You?

Forest blends included in the sample pack:

How to Use

8 forests + 14 different trees, all for Only $23!

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Michelle G.

I love these oils! They smell just like the forests that I love to hike in. They bring a sense of calm, returning me to nature and the memories I have had while in the forests and mountains. It's a scent that is not easily captured, in my opinion, but these oils do the trick. I have a separate pine essential oil from another brand but it's not quite the forest effect. In the stressful times we are living in, these scents help me relax.

Hey Michelle. I love your photo! I am so happy these forest blends help you feel calm and remind you of nature. Thanks for the review! - Forester John ↟

Teri H.
Bring nature to the inside

LOVE the forest oils! I so wanted to bring my forest views to the inside of my home! These oils did the job! Can hardly wait for the CHRISTMAS TREE LOT oil!

So glad you like them Teri! Wow. I love your view of Western red cedar and Douglas fir trees. Lucky you :) - Forester John ↟

Jahn L.
Magical Forest Journey

I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful forest aromas from these essential oils. Over the years I have tried and worn many..starting with Young LIving, DoTerra, Aura Cacia, Kumba..etc.
These are powerful and potent...they transport me with their fragrance to the forests from which they are from.
I highly recommend these oils and essences.
Nurture Your Nature.

Hello Jahn! I love that these transport you to the forest. Keep the journey alive! - Forester John ↟

Sandy N.

During this LONG stay-at-home time of Covid it's been a wonderful escape, if only by scent, to the forest. So far my favorite from the John Forester Sampler Pack is Denali National Park. That being said, I anxiously await the annual Christmas Blend!!

Thanks Sandy! Glad to see this is helping while being stuck at home during COVID. Christmas Tree Lot will be back Thanksgiving Day :) - Forester John ↟

Nailed it.

Got these for wife. She loves them. Was the most ‘precious Christmas’ present this year so yep. Thanks for juicing these trees in the vitamix or whatever you did because it totally worked. Also, I’m not bothered by these scents. She usually blasts all these very perfumey scents that clog my sinuses but these smells make me feel like I breather clearer like a long hike in frozen forest. Just crystal clear. Makes my NG fireplace smell like it’s real.

You nailed it Vin! That's awesome. Thanks for the review! - Forester John ↟