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Stay Connected to the Forest

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Brings the Outdoors In

I am so glad you like the BWCA forest scent Susan! Thank you for sharing your experience! - Forester John ↟

Hi Colette. Thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful review! It continues to amaze me the variation of smells that these blends embody. I am glad you are enjoying them :) - Forester John ↟
Smells like a forest
Thanks Victor! It is hard to go wrong. The Olympic National Park blend is unique in that it contains Western hemlock trees which has a distinct citrusy smell. - Forester John ↟
Jus the buy it already
Hi Dwight! I am glad these forest scents are keeping you connected. Thanks for the review! - Forester John ↟
In my mind...
My pleasure Michelle! Thank you for the review! - Forester John ↟