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Christmas Tree Lot: Eastern Firs Essential Oil Blend

↟↟  Bring the fresh scent of Christmas trees into your home  ↟↟

🎄 A cheerful essential oil blend by Forester John using two Christmas tree favorites from the Eastern United States: Fraser fir and balsam fir. 100% Pure and undiluted. 

(ONLY available between Thanksgiving Day and New Years)

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Make your home smell like a fresh cut Christmas tree

Are you looking for the best smelling Christmas essential oil blend during the holidays?

Introducing Christmas Tree Lot - Eastern Firs by Forester John.

Imagine the smell of fresh evergreen fir trees as you walk down the aisle at your local Christmas tree lot.

This essential oil blend contains two popular Christmas trees that can be found in tree lots throughout the Eastern United States:  Fraser fir and balsam fir.

The oils were extracted directly from the needles and bark of the trees. You are literally smelling them as if they are right in front of you!

The sweet and fragrant notes of Fraser fir compliment perfectly the fresh and clean notes of balsam fir. To top it off, I included a touch of balsam fir bark essential oil to give you the woody notes of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

If you are looking for a smell of ginger, citrus, or other holiday spices then this Christmas blend is not for you.

If you want the clean and fresh scent of Christmas fir trees, then you are in luck. What you get is 100% pure Fraser fir essential oil and balsam fir essential oil.

The result is PURE and clean Christmas BLISS.

Bring your artificial Christmas tree alive and infuse your home with Holiday cheer.

This blend is only available for sale between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s. That's it. Get yours while supplies last.

Snuggle up to the fire place, grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the real smell of Christmas.


-Forester John
↟ ↟↟↟ ↟↟ ↟

100% pure essential oil

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri)
Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)

Volume:  10 ml
Dimensions:  1.25 x 1.25 x 2.5 inches
Shipping Weight:  4.5 oz

Extraction method: 
Steam Distilled using needles and branches.

Use for aromatics. Diffuse in your essential oil diffuser of choice.

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

About Christmas Tree Lot – Eastern Firs:
The trees in this Christmas essential oil blend are my two favorite Christmas trees of all time: Fraser fir and balsam fir. It brings back memories of when I was a part of the Forestry Club at the University of Minnesota. Each year we organized a large Christmas tree lot sale. Fraser fir and balsam fir were hands down the two most popular trees because of their beautiful shape and fragrant smell. I hope you enjoy it.

Customer Reviews

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Great Smell and Nostalgic

We used the Eastern Firs Essential Oil Blend to keep the smell of our Christmas Tree throughout the house. Subtle but definitely like being in the forest. Loved it.

Christmas Tree Oil

I just wasn't feeling the spirit this year and then I decided to order some of this Christmas Tree Oil. It did the trick. The aroma was strong enough to really make that artificial tree smell like it was fresh cut. I have to say that I was very impressed.

Hi Ray. I am so glad this brought you some Christmas Spirit! Thanks! - Forester John ↟


So I am an outdoorsman that makes his living farming organic/ biodynamic vegetables and Maple syrup production on 80 acres in Yale Michigan.... I Love the smells of the different blends in vessels on my wood stoves!!! And the fact they are Real!! Nothing Fake

Hi Danny. Great idea on the woods stoves! I will have to try that the next time I am at the cabin :) Thanks for the review. - Forester John ↟

Perfect Tree Smell

This is the perfect tree scent! I appreciate the preservation of the resources here too from the way it’s processed to the way it’s packaged and shipped (very quickly, too, by the way). I will be back to shop for more!

Hi Lindsay! I am glad you like the scent and appreciate that the materials are packaged with recyclable paper products (no plastics). Thanks for the review! - Forester John ↟

Smells wonderful!

I purchased the Christmas Tree Lot oil a couple weeks ago & love it! It really does smell just like walking thru a lot to pick out that special tree. Thanks for a wonderful product!

You are more than welcome Penny! Thank you for taking the time and writing this review! - Forester John ↟

Stay Connected to the Forest

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208 reviews
Enhance your mental clarity

I was lucky to receive an essential oil diffuser for Xmas. I was missing my favorite hiking location which closed last March. I love the forested section below Tuckerman ravine on New Hampshire’s Mt Washington. As you walk through the thickly forested conifers you always get a good dose of the essence of Christmas trees. I was looking to recreate those smells that I love so much, and MISS. I found Forester Johns website and immediately ordered the National Park sampler. It is INCREDIBLE!
I spend many hours at my flytying desk tying complicated, and time consuming pike and musky flies. I have now tried Johns entire collection, most samples more than once, and love it. The phytoncides released from the diffused oil smell incredibly good, even better than my favorite forest. It gives me enhanced mental clarity which enables me to stay at my desk producing fish catching flies all day. All,fish are safely and happily released. Forester Johns essential conifer essential oils have greatly improved my life and made me much happier. Thank You Forester John!

Instantly There

When I opened this oil it instantly took me to a place where I have not been in a long time. I am truly amazed by how Forester John captures a place like this. The environmentally conscious packaging holds true to care for our planet and protecting our natural places!


During COVID, being trapped indoors in a city, I CRAVE the outdoors, but mostly trees and forests. These truly immerse you. The smells remind me of how your hands smell after hiking in a forest and accidentally touching trees with their sap. I can’t recommend enough, love them all.

Really Excellent Smelling Forest Scents!

We love to be in the forest so when we can't we use Forester John's. After all that's happened to the environment recently it's nice to keep the smell of the forest close by.

Try it.

I purchased the sample pack as a gift. The recipient absolutely loves them all. Highly recommend!