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Olympic National Park: Hoh Rain Forest Essential Oil Blend


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You’ll receive 10 ml of pure essential oil in a clear glass bottle with a slow release vertical dropper.

Each bottle of sitka-hemlock essential oil comes packed in my custom aluminum carry-tube to keep your bottle safe from breaks and to eliminate exposure to UV, keeping your essential oil fresher longer.

Transport yourself to the rain forest

Have you ever been to a rain forest in the Pacific Northwest?

This forest essential oil is crafted to match a conifer forest that can be found in the Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park in Western Washington.

Imagine the combination of earthy Sitka spruce, sweet western red cedar and a subtle hint of citrus from western hemlock. Then topped off with fragrant Douglas fir.

The result is…


-Forester John


100% pure essential oil

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)
Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla)
Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)
Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)


Volume:  10 ml
Dimensions:  1.25 x 1.25 x 2.5 inches
Shipping Weight:  4.5 oz


Extraction method: 
Steam Distilled using needles and branches.


Use for aromatics. Diffuse in your essential oil diffuser of choice.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


About the Forest:
This Sitka-hemlock essential oil blend was inspired by the Hoh Rain Forest. This temperate rain forest receives 150 inches of rain a year and also soaks up moisture from the dense fog off the Pacific Ocean. The result is a beautifully vegetated forest with massive trees.

To learn more or plan a visit go to the National Park Service website.

Customer Reviews

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Love this forest in a bottle

I love the smell of the forest so much that I live in one but that smell doesn’t exist in the house or the car in the winter when the windows are closed. Now I get to enjoy the forest inside and outside. I love that through these bottles I get to be transported to some of my favorite forests in the world and some that I want to now visit in the future. So grateful to forester John for creating such an incredible product.

Hello Shanna. You are more than welcome! Thank YOU! - Forester John ↟

Smells like a walk in the woods

I am using a couple drops on dryer balls and my laundry now smells like an amazing hike in the forest without being too potent or overbearing. Thank you Forester John!

You are welcome Alison! Great idea. Never thought of that use before! - Forester John ↟

PNW Vibes

I have been to Olympic Natl Park only once and there's nothing better then diffusing this scent and being transported back especially when traveling outside of WI isn't ideal during these times. Highly recommend!!!

Hi Katie. Olympic National Park is such a special place. I am so happy this transports you there! Thank you! - Forester John ↟

My favorite essential oils :)

I’ve bought a few scents for myself and a few as gifts over this last year, and I am OBSESSED! I just gifted the Olympic National Park blend and picked up Christmas Tree lot to make my home a bit more festive for the holidays. I haven’t been able to go camping as much as I would have liked this year and have been missing nature so much (I live in a pretty metropolitan area) - but diffusing these oils around the house brings a big smile to me and my family. I am grateful for how these scents can transport me.

Hey Jacob. That's awesome! Hopefully you will get out camping soon :) Thanks for the review. - Forester John ↟


I've tried various essential oils over the years trying to find the right scents . I can't believe that I haven't come across John's website before , but thank God I finally did . I have fond memories of camping as an adolescent , the sights , the smells , etc ... . As an adult I'am mired in a corporate atmosphere with its attendant anxieties and spend much of the time behind a computer screen which is not conducive to either my mental or physical health .
These oils are FANTASTIC ...THE REAL DEAL ( I got a kick out of the ingredients list on the aluminum containers which merely says , " trees in this bottle " ) . I plan to dilute them as use them as a linin spray ( especially pillows so that when I go to sleep at night can image myself in the REAL WORLD instead of the artificial man - created world that is passed off as reality ) .
I couldn't be more pleased with these scents , and am looking forward to " Christmas Tree Lot " when it becomes available after Thanksgiving . Thanks John

Steve, this is one of the most thoughtful reviews I have read. Thank you for sharing it! I have a lot of these same feelings that you describe. These blends definitely help put my mind at ease as well. You got it, Christmas Tree Lot is coming back soon! A brand new blend is coming soon as well. Thank you again :) - Forester John ↟

Stay Connected to the Forest

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Enhance your mental clarity

I was lucky to receive an essential oil diffuser for Xmas. I was missing my favorite hiking location which closed last March. I love the forested section below Tuckerman ravine on New Hampshire’s Mt Washington. As you walk through the thickly forested conifers you always get a good dose of the essence of Christmas trees. I was looking to recreate those smells that I love so much, and MISS. I found Forester Johns website and immediately ordered the National Park sampler. It is INCREDIBLE!
I spend many hours at my flytying desk tying complicated, and time consuming pike and musky flies. I have now tried Johns entire collection, most samples more than once, and love it. The phytoncides released from the diffused oil smell incredibly good, even better than my favorite forest. It gives me enhanced mental clarity which enables me to stay at my desk producing fish catching flies all day. All,fish are safely and happily released. Forester Johns essential conifer essential oils have greatly improved my life and made me much happier. Thank You Forester John!

Instantly There

When I opened this oil it instantly took me to a place where I have not been in a long time. I am truly amazed by how Forester John captures a place like this. The environmentally conscious packaging holds true to care for our planet and protecting our natural places!


During COVID, being trapped indoors in a city, I CRAVE the outdoors, but mostly trees and forests. These truly immerse you. The smells remind me of how your hands smell after hiking in a forest and accidentally touching trees with their sap. I can’t recommend enough, love them all.

Really Excellent Smelling Forest Scents!

We love to be in the forest so when we can't we use Forester John's. After all that's happened to the environment recently it's nice to keep the smell of the forest close by.

Try it.

I purchased the sample pack as a gift. The recipient absolutely loves them all. Highly recommend!